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    • Our 9 years of Inspirations

      5 April, 2022 | by Staff

      Opalina turns 9 today! It’s been 9 full years since we decided to have a unique singular voice in an ocean that is Technology. As a Company that constantly delves into what beholds the Future, we thought now is a good time to reminisce into our...

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    • Wrapping-up 2021 at Opalina

      31 December, 2021 | by Staff

      2021 marked 8 years of Opalina, and we must say this was one of our most exciting years in all of our being in the Technology industry. In 2021, we didn’t just exist, we learnt to thrive during the most peculiarly challenging times. 2021 had its...

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    • 2021 – A lookback at Technology

      23 December, 2021 | by Staff

      2021 was not an easy year. It was by far the most meandering year with providing hopes of revival after the first Covid wave, then with the scares of the second wave, later followed by the much-needed relaxations (though few!) and before we could...

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    • The Great Resignation

      20 October, 2021 | by Staff

      While the world was debating upon the arrival of the second wave of the pandemic, whether or not it will move to its third wave, the employment industry had its own waves. The last several months, approximately since April 2021, saw several...

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    • Putting Opalina on the map!

      18 September, 2021 | by Staff

      Few months ago, Opalina completed 8 years and this is how we reminisced, looking back on our journey: “We at Opalina Technologies have learnt to transform every challenge into an Opportunity, every block into a springboard. It has helped us to...

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    • We have some news lah!!

      7 June, 2021 | by Staff

      Hello there, Hope you are being safe and sound! While last few months have been disconsolate with all that is happening around us, at Opalina we kept telling each other and rest of the world that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Well, the...

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    • Hope: We are in this together!

      27 April, 2021 | by Staff

      “What’s the best thing you’ve learned about storms”, asked the Boy. “That they end”, answered the Horse. (Excerpt from The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse, Charlie Mackesy, 2019) If we thought 2020 was dreadful and that 2021...

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      5 April, 2021 | by Staff

      The numeral 8 is interesting. Byte, the basic unit of information in computer storage and processing, is made of a string of EIGHT bits. And if we think further on other areas, Developmentalists often break the Human lifespan into Eight stages. In...

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    • A Brand New Decade is here!

      5 January, 2020 | by Staff

      New Year is here!! Not-so-new few might think, with resolutions dissolving slowly, decreasing footfalls in gyms, and things falling back to normalcy. But come on, this New Year is special, because with 2020, also arrived a new decade. Given the...

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