The media Industry is known for Information – loads of it. The robust growth of Information and the recent trends in analytics and consumer experience, has put Media Industry in limelight. As Thought leaders in Media and Entertainment Space, Opalina Technologies understands that this enormous scope needs to be tapped.

Media towards Digitalization

Opalina Technologies is the leader in Media & Entertainment Solutions, with breakthrough ideas that have changed the face of the Industry.

We have helped companies sift through the heaps of big data to discover consumer insights that drive business processes. From Digital Asset Management to Content Management Systems, Opalina Technologies has developed excellent tools for Media companies to save, process and analyze data that in turn reaches consumers.

Opalina Technologies addresses the mighty challenge of leveraging the piles of available information into useful business data. We develop scalable digital products for several Business processes including Back-Office management, Multi-platform distribution, digital web advertising among several others. Our capabilities in the Media Industry include Business Advisory, Solution Architecture, Analysis, Design, Process Improvement, Programme Leadership, Technological Support and Business Development.

Therefore, Media remains as one of our strongholds and it is of no surprise why we excel at them. The connection of our Experts at Opalina Technologies to that of the Media Industry goes back in time.

The segments we serve in Media are

  • Broadcast
  • Film & Entertainment
  • Advertising
  • Print & Publishing