Case Studies

  • Payment Management Services for BFSI

    Strengthening Payment transaction ecosystem for one of the Largest Banks in Mexico

    Banking is sensitive most of the time, and complex during the rest of it. Here is the success story of one of the largest Banks in Mexico. When they introduced a seamless digital interaction system for its users with the robust backend architecture to handle the volume as heavy as of 5 million requests per day, the efficiencies maximized. Effectively monitoring transactions and processes became way of their life. We have retained this Client with a work that we are all proud of. Find out how!

  • Terminal Management System

    Automating operations of World's Leading high-technology systems provider through redesigning their Terminal Management System

    Enterprises require constant overhauling. The client in discussion, a leading resource system provider, had their vision set. In conglomeration with Opalina’s technical expertise, the organization now boasts of a redesigned Terminal management system with multitasking features that allows data exchange between the automation system and corporate data systems. Read on to know how the Organization achieved this success within their existing structures!

  • Game Management System

    Shift in the user engagement of a leading mobile game publisher by overhauling their Game Management System

    Gaming and technology enthusiasts are entering the market to meet the rising demand for interactive games and tap into the potential of this business niche. Here is the success story of a highly diversified gaming company leading the cut-throat competition of achieving player’s experience in the market by overhauling their entire Game Management System. The result was a paradigm shift in the way their users previously engaged with them.