Game Management System

Game Management System is a complex gaming management tool to control player experience, enable effective operational management and drive business performance. It gives a business robust control over Back Office user identities, responsibilities of profiles and permissions.


Games are now becoming increasingly ambitious in terms of graphics, quality, presentation and realism due to the fact that modern gaming devices have exponentially higher processing power. To continue to thrive the user engagement, the gaming publishers must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will allow to always provide the best gaming experience. Their gaming architecture needs have a dynamic user control, robust reward mechanism and a coupon distribution management to give players an unbeatable experience and ensure a continuous engagement.


The business in discussion is the leading mobile games publisher focused on the large mobile consumer base in India and other emerging markets. In addition to publishing range of branded and original mobile games, the client also runs gaming subscription service across 60 countries covering Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Indian subcontinent. It owns exclusive mobile gaming rights to popular IP’s like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Hrithik Roshan, etc.


Gaming and technology enthusiasts are entering the market to meet the rising demand for interactive games and tap into the potential of business niche. For attaining the same they need highly competitive gaming architecture at their backend which could give them complete control over the user experience. The Challenge for the client in discussion was to get their existing Game Management System redesigned in such a way that they can attain the expected user engagement control together with placing a centralized reward system for a cohesive reward mechanism. They were also struggling to incorporate various 3rd party coupon providers to seamlessly fit into their existing gaming architecture for various point redemption models.


We at Opalina believe that there are way more good games than there are successful ones, and that's because many of the good ones don’t give a seamless experience to the players. With detailed analysis of the requirement of the business, market and competitors, Opalina upgraded the client’s Software development kit and optimized the existing Game Management System to provide altogether new experience to the user management. We embedded various APIs to achieve a centralized rewards system and also implemented seamless integrations with 3rd party coupon providers to give users an easy access to redeem their points earned. We built a data collection module in communication with the platform, wherein the data collection module obtains and stores information received from the platform and assigns rewards points based upon the data and predetermined parameters


As a result the client achieved a well-designed application which can be scaled up seamlessly as demand increases and decreases, and is also resilient enough to withstand the loss of one or more compute resources. Their system is perceivably fast, its data is stored reliably and all the related attributes are highly scalable. They are able to control the user management more ethically and continues to give their users an unbeatable gaming experience.