Big Data and Analytical Solutions

Bringing new insights for Government departments for more actionable results


Big Data and Analytics seem like the most intelligent solutions for Organizations to act upon. After all, Data presents everything. Analytical insights have become the battleground for every competitive industry. It has become extremely important for businesses to have compelling data visualization, where the Data speaks with insight for action. The necessity is not just catching up with Corporates, but more so with government departments. The Scope and landscape in which the Governments operate, have led to a state where setting up digital priorities is a day to day activity.

About the Client

Opalina Technologies is proud to partner with The Government of India. The Government of India with its ambitious Digital India motto, aims to digitalize all its capabilities towards Interaction with the Citizens. With the advent of Digital interactions across the globe, The Government intends to draw more insightful results from the inputs they are getting from public and various other sources on the Social Media Platform.

The Challenge

Government wanted to listen and quickly respond to the public on social media, considering the data authenticity, analysis and substance. The challenge with a country such as India is its volume and thus withdrawing meaningful insights from there. The analysis of the inputs are extremely important to take considerable action on the concern. The interactions on the micro-blogging sites are enormous, providing scope and challenge at the same time.

The solution

After a series of thorough review of available options in the market, the Honourable Government of India, chose to work with Opalina to build a tool that would provide seamless facts and insights on the feedback and comments from Public on Social Media platforms. Considering the criticality and the exclusivity of the opportunity, Opalina ideated on what to build for such challenges that requires scalability. Through thorough processes and efficient workforce dedicated to the cause, Opalina built a ground-breaking tool for The Government of India with impressive UI. The tool provided an Easy-To-Use Platform and Real-time Dashboard, for effective monitoring and consolidation. Opalina eased the Challenges with a Hashtag Tracker to monitor various kinds of analyses based on multiple parameters. Also, the tool presented several classifications based on categories, demographics, geography, filters of target audience and Custom Reports.

The result

As a result, what we have is a tool that serves as Pride of the Government. Opalina’s product has placed the Country in the Digital World’s map. Various departments of the Government have eased their day to day administrative work, where data analysis is just a click away, every day. The administrators can get down to even a single tweet and make the most out of it. Enabled with Real Time Trending overview tracker and several other useful insights, working for the betterment of citizens just got a digital face. Universal Hashtags Tracker with Compressive Report automations such as Report-ready notifications, Customizable result reports etc have gained popularity among the Users in Government Departments. Digital India in no more just a dream. Opalina is a proud partner in making it a reality.