Our 9 years of Inspirations

5 April, 2022 | by Staff

Opalina turns 9 today! It’s been 9 full years since we decided to have a unique singular voice in an ocean that is Technology. As a Company that constantly delves into what beholds the Future, we thought now is a good time to reminisce into our past. We’ve come across many experiences, interactions, personalities, and of course colleagues who have shaped us into the Organization that we are today. It is no doubt that for a Company like ours, it would be no exaggeration when we say that our experiences have shaped us.

We are an accumulation of all that we saw, felt, experienced and were subjected to, together as one family here at Opalina Technologies Private Limited. We are constantly being inspired by one or the other. Every time we speak to a client, every time we interact with each other, every time we come across something interesting, there is a piece of thought we carry within us which in turn translates into either the product that we work on or the way we function or the way we communicate. Well, this may hold true to every individual walking on this planet, but Opalina takes inspirations quite sincerely than any other entity.

And this is why we strongly believe and proclaim that we are ‘Inspired beings’ here at Opalina. It all began with a germ of an idea that inspired Gaurav and Satish, later followed by Ken. Inspiration is how we started our journey. Inspiration is how we carried ourselves through the last 9 years through major changes and events happening across the globe. Inspiration is how we plan to carry on further. Because Inspiration is our primary currency.

Derived from a latin word “īnspīrāre”, inspiration literally means “breathing into”. It seems it is THE right word to define our journey thus far. Exactly how a living being ceases to exist without breath, Opalina would be nothing without Inspirations. Here, we learn from one another. A common sight in our building is that at least one person would be learning something new, or finding something new, or refreshing upon something, at any given point of time. It excites us when a team member puts a new learning into practice. It thrills us to see teams come up with newer solutions. It gets festive when we have big names getting added up to our clientele. Parallelly, we are also influenced by the thirst of our stakeholders who expect nothing but the finest quality from us. We have been thoroughly motivated by these expectations. It is the fuel that keeps our lamps burning.

It’s always been about inspiring and being inspired at Opalina. These moments of inspirations transpire into what we do best – Technology. And we are proud to call the last 9 years of Opalina as our 9 years of Inspirations.

As we step into new beginnings, we have one wish. And that is, we want to inspire the world. Through our products that speak of our passion for Technology, we want to create positive ripples in the world. We’ve got a long way to go! If you observe it closely, the digit “9” in a way looks like a zoomed-in comma. The 9th year celebrations here at Opalina reminds us that this is just the beginning. We have feats to achieve, mountains to climb and stories to tell. We’re just getting started, on our way to inspire the world.

Happy 9th Opalina!

Here’s to inspirations from the world!

Here’s to inspirations waiting for the world!