Wrapping-up 2021 at Opalina

31 December, 2021

2021 marked 8 years of Opalina, and we must say this was one of our most exciting years in all of our being in the Technology industry. In 2021, we didn’t just exist, we learnt to thrive during the most peculiarly challenging times. 2021 had its ups and downs with what was happening outside, with the new waves of the pandemic and the slight impact for us due to the Great Resignation. As cliché as it sounds, when the going got tough, the tough got going.

2021 was a tough year, to say the least. It was particularly difficult with Opalina losing one of its valued employees. Yash Sharma joined as early as Jun 2014 and was with us till the time of his demise. Apart from his work and contributions as Assistant Manager – Administration, what we remember the most is his friendship with us all these years. We also remember our ex-employee Abhimanyu Patel- Group Product Lead, who lost his life due to Covid. The second wave of the global pandemic cost us the lives of our immediate families and friends. We dedicate this piece of the 2021 wrap-up to our loved Team members we lost this year. We miss you guys, we owe our successes to you!

At this point, we would like to appreciate the HR Department of Opalina who stepped up during the need of the hour, helped our employees and their loved ones get beds in hospitals, procured Oxygen concentrators and Covid-related medicines to be utilized during the times of emergency. We did our best in helping each other. It was quite heartening to see the Team stand side-by-side with each other and be supportive when they needed that the most. The crisis management days at Opalina made us believe that we are one strong family. The challenging times of 2021 taught us how to stick together as an Organization, and how to build quality products and services while still fighting the nitty-gritties of the new way of life in this new era.

What transpired to us during 2021 was our realization that Opalina is more than prepared to face storms and that we are obsessively adamant on delivering quality, no matter the external conditions. In 2021, Opalina found itself on a newer level as a Company, exploring its inner strengths and discovering that our core beliefs have remained in our heart and soul. Truth be told, these challenging times did make us realize that sticking to what we believe the most – Quality – made yet another successful year. We were not just sailing the storms in 2021, but we also did reap benefits out of our few long-term aspirations we had as a Company. As big the challenges of 2021 were, the success stories also parallelly got bigger.

The pride of Opalina has been its sustained growth, thanks to the resilience of our Team members through these years. This is precisely how we were able to move from being a 10 member Team in a tiny office in Noida to a 100+ strong workforce in India and across boundaries with Operations in United States & Mexico. But 2021 is particularly special to us because, while Organizations across the world have been trying to only stay afloat, Opalina got more than one reason to celebrate this year.

In our journey towards becoming truly international, we had yet another achievement. Opalina’s new subsidiary began its operations in Singapore in 2021. Opalina being incorporated in Singapore made this a landmark year in our long-term efforts and vision of becoming international. Opalina in Singapore has opened a whole lot of opportunities for us to showcase our undying spirit and commitment to quality in the Technology sphere. This news right in the middle of 2021 gave us more reasons to be strong together.

2021 did not just stop with that big news of international association. As of 1st September 2021, Opalina was empanelled with Citibanamex as a direct vendor. We received our first direct order for Production Support from Citibanamex marking a milestone in the history of Opalina Technologies. While empanelling as direct suppliers to Citi group traditionally involved only large enterprises that usually have a billion-dollar turnover, Opalina Technologies was provided with this special opportunity which we believe was the result of our consistent efforts in creating Technology solutions nothing short of the finest quality. This indeed put us on the map, a great leap, as it placed us on the same pedestal with major Tech companies.

We were not kidding when we told you that 2021 was one of the most exciting years in the eight-year history of Opalina. Though it was difficult in these trying times to continue the work we set-out for ourselves this year, it is the unmatched commitment from our Team that helped us retain our efficiencies higher as always, delivering quality services and products to our customers worldwide. 2021 made us believe in the collective power we have as an Organization and surely it has encouraged us a great deal, the strength with which we march towards another year of opportunities.

We will always be thankful to our prestigious clientele and our team members for sticking with us during the challenging times, and for celebrating with us during the small and big wins. You made 2021 an eventful year for us. On this very last day of 2021, we at Opalina can confidently say that we not only survived 2021, but conquered it :)

As we ring in the New Year 2022, here’s to more aspirations and realizing all of them!

We from Opalina wish you all a fantastic 2022! Have a splendid and an exuberant year – make every dream count, make every dream come true!