Decoding the Decade

5 April, 2023 | by Staff

Decade – wow! An entire decade of not just existing, but going through ups and downs and thriving in an industry that’s a rigmarole on its own. Whoa, we are ten now! Not a kid anymore - we’ve never been; yet we are still young – we always will be! Off late, we have been garnering respect and value on a global scale, but entering the double digit (taking another coffee shot to come into terms with this) obviously puts us on another pedestal. Since 2013, phones and homes have become smarter, technology wearables are snazzier, vehicles have become electrified, and voice assistants better informed; guess who else is smarter, snazzier, electrified, and better – it’s Opalina, it’s us – the decade-young Opalina Technologies!

Ever since we started planning the party (taking another shot now – not coffee you dummy!), there’s this one question that continues to linger in all of us – “Where did the time go?”. It feels like only yesterday that Gaurav, Satish, and Ken worked on the idea of embarking on a journey that is Opalina, and here we are, a decade later. Apart from the technological changes & advancements since 2013, the World has gone through a whole lot of economic whirlpools, environmental changes and above all, a global pandemic. We lived through them all and how!

Conceptually, dividing time into ten-year periods dates back to ancient civilizations, such as the Greeks and Romans, who used it as a unit of measurement of time in their calendars. We would like to use this decade as a unit of measurement of successes – our mutual successes we shared with our esteemed clientele. The long-term relationships we hold dear with some of our clients, were built over years of delivering work of consistent quality, our quest to improve continuously, staying up-to-date and above all their persistent trust. Their trust has now earned us a place on the global map, and we couldn’t be more excited to experience the future that we will be co-creating with them.

Ambitions and willingness of a small scrappy team with a dream has made this possible. The strongest reason of how Opalina succeeded and sustained the last ten years, is its own people. Celebrating Ten years at Opalina also mean celebrating our committed employees. In ten years, a little less than ten employees have grown more than ten-fold, with presence across the world. Our employees’ diverse skills, experiences, knowledge coupled with their passion and dedication has helped Opalina go above and beyond. We remember our employees – past and present, the ones who stood by us through the storms, the moments we have shared, the turbulences we withstood as one family. We also dearly remember the team members who went on to their heavenly abode, we thank them for their services, they will always live in our hearts.

Decoding the last decade, and as we ponder on the question as to where did the time go, the answer is right in front of us – we lived through challenges, we kept learning, we adapted to the changing scenarios, we improved continuously, and in all of these ten years - life happened to us. Taking inspirations from the wonder that is India, being rooted in Noida where it all once began, we have begun a journey to create solutions and change lives. We feel a sense of achievement & pride, and also a profound sense of gratitude. Above all, we now have a responsibility to build a better decade that’s coming. As we look into the future, we remain committed to our people (clients, employees, our family & friends) who helped us build this bygone decade; we will remain committed to their well-being & development, knowing fully well that they will continue to be our driving force behind our successes to come.

Events make a century, but people make a decade. As we go ahead to celebrate ten years of success with our family & friends (heard the champagnes have just arrived!), we are thrilled to another decade of pushing boundaries and making a difference through Technology. If you are reading this, and made it till here, we know you are a supporter and we thank you too! As Opalina remembers the days of hustling and grinding to the days of flourishing and expanding, we get ready for yet another adventure. So, allow us to raise a glass to our success, to our team spirit, and to the future. Here's to another decade of being the focused yet coolest & happiest bunch of people! Here’s to Opalina!