Wrapping up 2022 in style and with purpose

31 December, 2022 | by Staff

The world witnessed 2022 to be quite an eventful year to say the least, and we think it’s the previous two years’ lack of drama that got made up in one year. Thanks to the social media and our content devouring capabilities, there was always something that made news almost every week. A slap, a defamation trail, a vaccine stance, passing away of the longest reigning monarch, retirement of the two biggest tennis stars, the World Cup, a dramatic takeover etc - barring the pop culture references of 2022, the year also witnessed quite a stir otherwise. Geopolitical conflicts, war in Ukraine, rising inflation, talent turnover, the great attrition, anxiety about recession, covid crisis in the beginning and now at the end of year, etc were among the areas of concern that 2022 posed on us. 2022 also taught us to value the golden goose that we take for granted - our environment. The US Bomb cyclone, the extreme weather conditions, the UK Heatwaves also spanning Europe and North Africa, the rains & floods turning roadways to waterways etc should help us realize that time is short and it’s going to be better late than never to start any coordinated efforts in preserving what matters the most for our life on this planet - the planet itself.

In terms of Technology, while discussions around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web3 and Metaverse gained more momentum, 2022 also witnessed discussions around Human in The Loop, Digital Trust and Internet of Behaviors gathering significance. The inclusion of humanities and ethics have always been a matter of importance in the future trends of Technology; however, it is safe to say that 2022 would be the year where they entered mainstream in respect to futuristic technologies.

For us at Opalina, 2022 was a year of steadiness. We completed 9 years as a Company, inspiring few on our way and being inspired by many. We owe our successes throughout these years to the resilience and quality orientation of our colleagues. We continued our stride to deliver supreme solutions to our esteemed clientele throughout 2022. Our international operations in Mexico and Singapore have had its stronghold and ensured steadiness.

2022 taught us the value of progress, the need to stay together during unprecedented times and the reasons to work together with focus, despite challenges. It taught us not to be shaken by external pressures, but to look for strength within. We also learnt that delivering technology solutions consistently without compromise, will eventually earn you a place in the industry. As we step with vigor and enthusiasm towards completing 10 years in the industry in 2023, we move forward with the lessons learnt from the past, the values we hold near today and most importantly with a better and bigger vision for the future.

We believe that as a Company, we’ve had our shares of celebrations, wins – big and small, milestones that we are proud of, for the past 9 years. Thriving in the industry that certainly had its ups and downs in a defining decade was not easy. Yet, we were consistent - in the ways of working, the way we adapted to new technologies, the way we delivered value to our customers etc. Therefore, in some way, 2022 helped us look back, consolidate our strengths, and solidify the place we have earned for ourselves in the industry that is ever so volatile, complex, and uncertain.

As we move forward in style, we also understand the significance of purpose. The reason why we have thrived in such an industry and throughout these years also build a sense of responsibility and purpose within us. As we ring in a New Year, we wish you on behalf of the entire Opalina family an exuberant and energetic 2023.

Keep moving forward! Here’s to progress, here’s to realizing dreams, as always!