I am a Person!

6 June, 2017 | by Staff

Incidentally, everyone talks about the right to privacy. When we call it a RIGHT, we consider it as the constitutional / fundamental right to be let alone and that it focuses the state to protect individuals. As a right, Privacy, is to be ensured by laws and statutes that protect me from unnecessary invasions into my personal space. It is my country’s lawful responsibility to ensure my natural right to be let alone. My Right!

In the real sense, do the state and its statutes protect me from intrusions into my personal space? In fact, we have been proved by many and we see from the recent happenings, that it is the governments from which we have to be protected. So when I allowed my government to ensure my right to privacy, it intruded into my personal space calling itself my “protector”. But if you see, it is already there, violating my right to privacy!

This is what happens when we don’t hold our own responsibility. Ideally, “MY” choice should be the result of my motivation, without any external interference or intrusion. Privacy should be my choice. You may not have anything negative to hide! But shouldn’t it be in your discretion to disclose what you want to about your own life?

It is the matter of self-determination! They say the future is going to be without any secrets, where life will be transparent, resulting to which brands and markets can access you directly and you will be treated as an “Individual”. This sounds sophisticated, but is it not also scary? I will be treated and respected as an “individual”, but at the cost of governments and companies and brands knowing my all. Is this not contradictory?

I should live my life. It is my business to let people know what I want them to know. I should choose how you treat me. This is my life, not a business tool. I am a person, a person with self determination.