Digital Age – What does it mean to the common man?

6 June, 2017

Without doubt, we all propagate, eagerly wait and beginning to get the taste of the advent of what we all call the “Digital Age”. With smartphones in almost half of the population, and with factories / companies moving towards automation in their work, with household activities moving digital such as online ordering of food, grocery, with schools introducing smart classrooms, we are undoubtedly are already moving into Digital Age. I would not like to say that we are already IN Digital Age, reasoning of why I write this today.

Let us do a thought experiment. Now when you think of the word ‘Digital’, what is the visual that comes into our heads? Generally, many say the visual is pretty sleek. It is sophisticated and usually could mean richness. (This thought experiment may exaggerate the reality of Digital Age, and that is the whole point). Over and above, everyone relates Digital Age to people who are doing well. Of course, they say, they could only afford it.

But when you call some period an Era or an Age, it means for ‘everyone’. And that would mean Digital Age and its benefits should impact every single individual on this planet. By the general understanding and while we look at the periphery of the Digital Age, it seems that the impacts of the Digital Age on common men are going to be negative. Take for instance, automation of machines would mean loss of jobs for many blue collar workmen. Online orders would mean, loss of jobs for Store attendants. These so called negative impacts may be temporary, experts say.

However it seems to me that the Digital Age will bring more good than harm. The positives are numerous. For instance, the number of SmartPhone users are increasing every day, which means Digital Age and its benefits are getting closer to people every day. The advancements in medicine brought close to the last of citizens, participation in discussions with people across the world, the common man is all set to receive the positive impacts of the Digital age.

For technology enthusiasts like you and I, it is important that we participate in the activism of bringing the Digital Age closer to every individual, impacting their lives for better.