Futuristic? Really?

8 June, 2017

You and I have a future that is uncertain. Though we can predict what may happen later, the fact is that the future is definitely uncertain.

Let me talk to you about the predictability part. As much as we know that technology dominates the world, we also know for sure that the technology is always on the rise. The trajectory is always towards improvement and rising. So what does it imply? It implies a prediction that tomorrow’s technology is going to be better than today. This is exciting! But Predictability can be negative too, by limiting my possibilities of exploring further, for I predict based on what I have seen in the past.

What it also implies is that, what I use as technology today will be obsolete tomorrow, and that I have to be constantly updated. Now comes my pessimistic uncertainty! Why should I be worried about constantly updating some knowledge that is going to be obsolete some day, for I am not certain of the future? Uncertainty may become positive, when one chooses to prepare many alternatives to face the future.

We predict and we get excited about the technology. Or we deem it uncertain and do not move any further. We predict only limited opportunities and move in the limiting fashion.  Or pick the alarm of uncertainty and create multiple modes to face them.

To think of the past or future so explicitly may be called strategy. But I call all of the above arguments – deep BullS***.

In the exaggerated efforts of assessing the past and predicting the future, we fail to live the present. Technology creation in its purest form is to continuously improve from the existing conditions after exploiting (positively) every stage of it. Past and Future are subtle factors for creating a technology and not the decisive ones. A leap into future will not happen unless you experience all of the present.

Next time someone says – “we are very futuristic”, verify how they doing their present! It will tell a lot about them!