5 Years!

5 April, 2018

Dear Family,

Today we have crossed another milestone in the history of our company. We have completed 5 years of Opalina’s establishment. We take this occasion to thank each of you for being an earnest part of Opalina.

Back in 2012 we started laying down the foundation of this company and about a year later, on 5th April 2013 Opalina Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated. Today we are a highly respected niche software firm. We are that firm the industry folks call ’The go-to company for anything that is complicated yet needs to be built with no complications’ :)

Without the support of our excellent team it would never have been this big. Every one of you play a crucial role in the development of our Company. It is because of your enthusiasm, support and dedication that have brought us to this height. Opalina shall ever remain indebted to the contributions of its employees.

Our success story remains incomplete without the support of our clients. We are grateful to our clients who trusted in us to help provide our flawless services and products. Their demands, challenges and feedback have pushed us to go ahead and improve vigorously. Not only have they made us an integral part of their core-business but also helped us reach out to the world. They spread the word faster and better, than any of our promotional means could.

Thank you guys and thank you Team Opalina for having made all of the craziness possible!

Here’s to an eternity of Opalina!

Thank you!

Gaurav, Satish & Ken