So should designs be logical or intuitive?

30 May, 2017 | by Staff

Think about it! When you are working on something, do you analyze things around you to make an informed decision OR do you follow your intuition, let the natural occurrence of thoughts guide your decision? This is important, because the decisions you take, create value to your business. This makes more sense to us in the Design industry, where a design symbolizes a brand, an image.

Design, many people argue, is predominantly a creative process that relies heavily on raw intuitions. But Intuition as a cognitive process, is difficult to explain because it is not quantifiable, measurable and not articulated. You can always say how the design is, but not how it evolved? Thus creativity through intuitions is intangible, but quite natural. The magnanimity in the art of the outstanding designs of the world is because most of them are uncontrolled intuitive expressions of the people who created them.

On the other hand, there is a different school of thought that goes on to say that everything is logical. Design, in terms of business, is to be done on an analytical mode. The colors used, the shapes drawn etc are decisions that should rely upon business sense, research statistics, studies on people preferences, audience psychometrics etc. This creativity is a product of long thought, tested studies through which designs are catered to target audience.  

So should designs be logical or intuitive?

While Analytical designing help one to cater to specific businesses with time-tested results, Intuitive designing brings in innovations and the unimagined. Is it possible to have both, i.e., to be creatively justified and at the same time to make specific business sense?

Design, when interplayed dynamically between the intuition and logic, creates in itself, a unique dimension to the concept of design. In the process, logic may help expand horizons of intuitiveness, giving it a start point. The vice versa holds true as well. Therefore the key lies in looking at the two ways of designing, not as Intuition or Analytics but as Intuition and Analytics. Explore the Intuition and Exploit the Analytics!