We have some news lah!!

7 June, 2021 | by Staff

Hello there, Hope you are being safe and sound!

While last few months have been disconsolate with all that is happening around us, at Opalina we kept telling each other and rest of the world that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Well, the tunnel does seem longer than expected, but we know it will surely end. Like they say, Hope is what we fight with, when all seems lost. And we must tell you - all these reinforcements, did help. Go on to know why! We have some news :-)

It was difficult in these trying times to continue the work we set-out for ourselves this year. Yet our Team worked it, to retain our efficiencies higher as always, delivering unmatched services and products to our customers worldwide. As you all know Opalina has its operations in India, United States and Mexico. In our journey towards becoming truly international, we have yet another achievement, yet another feather on our hat that we all are proud of!


Yes, Opalina’s new subsidiary has its operations in Singapore as well! So, that is our news lah – guess now you catch our drift ;-)

In these days where hope seems to be the only way, where a tiny bit of silver-lining is all we need, what could be a better place than Singapore to realize this! Singapore boasts of THE success story of the 20th century. Once a tiny, impoverished island with a diverse population and no natural resources; as a land that had been colonized, occupied, and abused for over a century, surrounded by hostile nations, most of the world brushed Singapore as a nation that would never survive after its independence.

Years later, Singapore is now an International brand in itself, a cosmopolitan center, a sustained industrial base, boasting one of the biggest metropolises, a very reliable and credible nation. Mind you, all of these were created out of nothing; yes, nothing!

The story of Singapore is all we need right now. If you ever think, life seems gloomy in a post-pandemic world and there are no chances at it, remember Singapore once had nothing but discipline and strong fervor to win. Opalina draws inspiration from this amazing work of a nation, to go further and further in our journey of creating world-class products and services to all our customers.

A new subsidiary in a new country means a whole lot of opportunities to grow! As we open the door of new beginnings and better opportunities, we from the Opalina family couldn’t be more excited! Just like Singapore, we begin this journey with ‘efficiency and discipline’ at our core.

We began with hope, and have realized one of our dreams.

Well, now you can probably see that ‘Hope’ is not a soft fluffy thing when one speaks of core strategies. It is the driving force, pushes you to expand boundaries, sets your bar higher than yesterday, says ‘never give up’. Hope also whispers “there will come a time to celebrate”.

And for us here at Opalina, now it’s CELEBRATION TIME!!