Putting Opalina on the map!

18 September, 2021 | by Staff

Few months ago, Opalina completed 8 years and this is how we reminisced, looking back on our journey:

“We at Opalina Technologies have learnt to transform every challenge into an Opportunity, every block into a springboard. It has helped us to view the world differently, and with every challenge conquered, the world has learnt to see us differently.”

Today we are happy to give you yet another example of how we just got better in the eyes of the World.

It is our great pleasure to announce a milestone achievement for us as an Organization! As of 01st September 2021, Opalina has been empanelled with Citibanamex as a direct vendor.

And what’s better! We have received our first direct order for Production Support from Citibanamex marking a milestone in the history of Opalina Technologies.

As you are probably aware, Citigroup operates as Citibanamex in Mexico, the second-largest bank in the country. While our association with Citibanamex has been around for 6 years now, what makes this year special is that, now we are one of their direct vendors and suppliers of services.

Empanelling as direct suppliers to Citi group traditionally involved only large enterprises that usually have a billion-dollar turnover. Today, Opalina Technologies has been provided with this special opportunity, thanks to our relentless and consistent efforts in creating quality Technology solutions. This indeed marks a giant leap for us as an Organization, as it places us on the same pedestal with companies such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys etc.

This has proved to us yet again that refusal to create anything but of supreme quality in Technology has led us here. We are proud and glad to showcase the relentless efforts of all our dear members of the Opalina family who have been working hard all these years, inclined towards one singular goal of perfection,

The journey doesn’t stop! Like how every single Opalina employee has been beaming since the announcement - “We are just getting started”.

While we get ready to pop out that champagne, we are also reminded about the work set out for us and the responsibilities that come along with being in the big league. We at Opalina are excited to show what we are capable of, with the same sincerity and utmost reverence we have for work. The playground is bigger from now, the opportunities seem brighter from today.

Here’s to more from Opalina!

Here’s to more for the Technology World!