5 April, 2021 | by Staff

The numeral 8 is interesting. Byte, the basic unit of information in computer storage and processing, is made of a string of EIGHT bits. And if we think further on other areas, Developmentalists often break the Human lifespan into Eight stages. In Hinduism, Eight denotes wealth and abundance. Buddhism endorses a Noble Eight-fold path. Muslims believe Eight angels carry Allah’s Throne in Heaven. Did you know many Asian countries consider 8 to be lucky? Early Christians believed there’s an “Eighth Day” to denote the Lord’s Day. The life-giving Oxygen’s atomic number is 8. Well, if we’re pushing it, the infinity symbol is basically the twisted version of 8. I guess we must stop here. You know why we are obsessed with Eight today.

YES! *drumroll please*


What began as a rudimentary thought from Gaurav & Satish which later inspires Ken to join in, Opalina’s success for the last 8 years speaks volumes of how an inspiring idea can create a ripple effect that can change lives of many.

What started with a 10 member Team in a tiny office in Noida is now a 100+ strong workforce across boundaries with Operations in United States & Mexico as well. We dedicate this success to the resilience demonstrated by our Employees all these years. No doubt, our Team is strong and so are our values. If one has to put a finger on the ‘one thing’ that’s been a ‘constant’ all these years, it would be the dedication to build nothing short of the ‘finest quality’. And that is something we are proud of, that the dedication is passed on to every single member of our Family.

Not a lot of start-ups can boast the client-retention rate the way we do. To end up with Big names as Clientele from the very beginning demonstrates the Trust endowed upon us by our Clients. After a thorough research on who delivers the best services and products in Technology, our Clientele begin their journey with us. Mutual inspirations, sharing the Vision with the Clients, exceeding expectations with products / services and out-and-out professionalism, tell us that these relationships are here to stay.

The fiddly part about Technology is that there’s almost a new update that happens every single day in at least one sphere. Innovation is not an extended flamboyance but a necessity that earns the bread and butter. The last eight years, Opalina has always been ahead in Technology related discussions and we have been prime-movers in building products and services on new Technologies, long before they become the norm. We owe this to the consistent knowledge-upgrades that happen within our premises, the thirst of our Employees in constant learning and our willingness to experiment, fail and learn.

There have been stumbling blocks along the way. There have been obstacles. We at Opalina Technologies have learnt to transform every challenge into an Opportunity, every block into a springboard. It has helped us to view the world differently, and with every challenge conquered, the world has learnt to see us differently.

The story of Opalina is the story of Inspiration. It is the story of constant support and consistent efforts. It is the story of never giving up. It is the story of being adamant on quality. It is the story of creating niche brands. It is our story; it is yours. Thank you for your constant support.

Happy Eighth Anniversary Opalina!

Here’s to many more hEIGHTS!!