A Brand New Decade is here!

5 January, 2020 | by Staff

New Year is here!! Not-so-new few might think, with resolutions dissolving slowly, decreasing footfalls in gyms, and things falling back to normalcy. But come on, this New Year is special, because with 2020, also arrived a new decade. Given the leaps Technology made in the last decade, most of us from this industry are quite excited, as insiders (or as consumers more so), to know what’s in store for all of us in the next ten years.

If a ‘Ten Year Challenge’ had to be put for the face of Technology, 2010 would look a lot different than 2020 in many ways. In fact, 2020 would look like a well-fed, slightly larger and happier doppelganger of 2010. And that is the promise of Technology, that every single time-period brings in exciting and new opportunities, to serve businesses better and to understand consumers clearer.

Looking back to reminisce how far we have come is an important exercise to understand how flexible we ought to get in the forthcoming years, because as the old adage goes, change is the only constant. And with Technology, change has been the single most defining factor from its dawn. Leaders of major Technology companies have changed, some have remained. But then, Leadership styles have emerged due to the selfsame fact that Technology is not the same anymore.

Let us dive straight into how 2010 was quite different from the world we live in today.

In 2010, Mobile apps was still in its earlier stages of development. Today, our lives run with the aid of mobile apps. They are better, bigger, more sophisticated, customized and engaging than ever before. The last decade also saw the growth of Cloud computing. In 2010, Cloud Computing was at its nascent stage, whereas it is quite a norm today in Software development and deployment.

Though Tech people did talk about Big Data and Business Intelligence, they were not seen as important defining factors of running Businesses, as against how we see them now, as the Future of Business. Were concepts such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality even exist back then in 2010? We don’t think so (probably except high-end Technology conferences), as against how they are part of our mobile phones and gaming routines today.

Back in 2010, Internet of Things had just made its entrance, versus how today IoT has become a prevalent phenomenon that makes lives not just in urban areas easier, but also finding its ways into rural backgrounds. Artificial Intelligence, was still being explored and mostly in labs in 2010. Today Artificial Intelligence has found its ways in Medicine, Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Software Development etc. The search for the best ways to deploy IoT and Artificial Intelligence are still being explored in 2020, but we sure have come a long way in these, since 2010.

One major paradigm shift that has happened to Technology and its deployment from 2010 to 2020 is that we have come a long way from being process-driven to user-driven. This user-driven approach sets the scene for our lives for the next Ten years, and we can’t be more excited to find how bigger Technology is going to get! Opalina Technologies, a product from the bygone decade, we believe will be a part of the tectonic shifts that will happen to Technology in this new decade. Watch this space, to know how!

And hey, Happy New Decade!