We think about Technology a lot more than usual. As a Software Services company, we must. Technology lets anyone create and develop. But today, we need technology to do more than just that. Since its inception in 2013, Opalina has been trusted with Solutions; Simple, Straight-forward and Efficient. Opalina Technologies, a Go-to Software company for projects that are usually complex nuts to crack. Our expertise lie in untying knots in the shortest possible time, to deliver sustainable solutions, building Trust through our niche delivery.

Art meets Logic

It is not always usual to find Tech-driven companies sweat so much on Design. Opalina Technologies is unusual and proud at that. We are a Software Services Company with emphasis on Design. Our designs are intuitive, backed by logical reasoning.

Every solution we bring in, is a combination of latest technological possibility and artistic design, providing the best experience, that is seamless and seemingly effortless. Our Think Tank is filled with beautiful and brilliant brains with vast experiences who create solutions that are engineered beautifully and designed rationally.
Our infectious passion to this philosophy makes us true thought-leaders in this space.


Reimagine every step of your Business journey, from now on!
Opalina’s World Class services and solutions lets you reinvent your business essentials and renew your enthusiasm.

Payment Management Services

Tap the untapped potential of the extremely volatile transactions ecosystem through Innovation

Enterprise Application Services

Embark on a journey of Strategic Business victories streamlined with Integrated Engineering

Big Data and Analytical Solutions

Transform mere numbers to actionable insights for the best Business impacts

Digital Solutions and Services

Expand your Digital presence to establish a strong connect for your customers

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